We help Court systems, Clerk of Courts, and other forms of Judicial Systems collect fines and fees more efficiently.

Law Enforcement

Collecting citations can be a difficult process. Our solutions help simplify that process, making it easier on you and your customer.

Government Operations

From local municipalities to State Agencies, PayStar is providing governments with solutions to improve operations.

Our Service

how we help

Online Payments

We make it easy for you to provide online payments to your customers, giving them more convenience while increasing efficiency in the collection process for your office.

We focus on a smooth implementation, all while costing your office nothing.

System Integration

Our greatest advantage is our expertise in custom integrations. We can connect the PayStar payment platform to your internal system or third party vendors to create a fully automated workflow for your office.

If things are pretty complicated or you've been told it couldn't be done, let's talk soon about how we can solve those problems with you and  help integrate the payment process into your existing workflows.

One Platform for All Payments

Take online payments for all items you collect for across multiple departments and payment channels.

Give permissions to staff in specific departments within PayStar so they only see what they need to while you have a high level account to manage all payments.

No Cost Solution

We offer our solution at no cost to your office. We collect a small fee from a convenience fee or service fee paid by the citizen submitting a payment.

We have multiple fee structures that can be customized to meet the needs of your office.

Find out how we can help your office today.


What people are saying

There are not many vendors you can depend on ... you are a problem solver and I appreciate that. Customer service is tops.
by Jill Sessions, Clerk of Court
PayStar provided a seamless transition when we started doing business with them and always makes themselves available to me and my staff.
by Sheriff Stassi
PayStar has brought us into the 21st century with ease. We would recommend to any business or municipalities looking to get into the credit card payment options.
by Mayor Kevin Kately

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