About Us

Trying to make a Payment?

Customizing the Payment Process

We simplify payments for Governments, Utilities, and Businesses by providing a better user experience for our clients and for their customers.

With some of our staff having almost 40 years experience as software developers working with these type clients, we truly understand their needs. So we have tailored our software from the ground up to be secure and strong, while being extremely flexible.

We utilize our expertise in custom software and niche system integration development with the knowledge and relationships we have established in the payment industry to deliver a quality product with some of the best rates in the industry.

We reduce your cost directly by providing better rates for all forms of payments as well as indirectly by creating significant efficiency improvements from implementing our process and/or solutions.


We hope to be a true payment partner with current payment options now to future advances in tech, we are there with you


The collection process involves many areas of your business. We help integrate to make it as automated as possible.

Custom Development

We can design and build custom solutions on top of our existing framework to meet your specific needs.


We pride ourselves in the service we provide to our customers after implementation.

Get to know us

We are doing things differently

The industry is in need of a company that focuses on custom, personalized payments.

We have the skills, the tools, and the willingness to deliver a better product that works for you. We look forward to solving problems and creating the best possible solution tailored made for your needs.

We handle the hard things like integrations so that you can have an automated process.

Security is difficult for any size organization. We handle security and compliance to reduce your exposure.

We make the transition to accepting Credit Cards and online payments as easy as possible.


A note from our
Director of Business Development

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